How to: smokey lilac eye makeup

Smokey eyes have always been a favourite of women all over the world. Oozing with sexiness, this beauty look has been done in many different ways. For the Jill Stuart fall 2012 fashion show, we are given a beauty look that features the smokey eye with soft colourful twist. While it’s easy to be awed by the Avant Garde looks that we see in the runways, it’s hard not to fall for this very natural and real beauty look.

Diane Kendal, makeup artist for Jill Stuart cosmetics is the woman behind this look. Staying true to the nonchalance of the clothes in the collection, she created a look that I can call easy-gorgeous. It features the royal colour of purple on the eyes that’s really stunning. Another thing to love about this look is that it is very flexible: with a few tweaks here and there you can wear it grungy style or girly style. Check out the how-to right after the break.

smokey purple eye makeup

How to: worn-in smokey lilac make up


This beauty look has very natural and flawless looking skin. To get this, start off by washing your face well and then applying moisturizer all over. Moisturizing your skin does a lot of wonders: it keeps your skin healthy and will serve as a primer for your make up, letting it stay on longer.

After you’ve moisturized your face, create a flawless look by applying foundation on your face. If you have generally flawless skin, you can opt to use a tinted moisturizer. If you are using foundation, apply it evenly and make sure you don’t overdo it. If you have areas that need special attention like under your eyes, feel free to use a concealer.
To set your foundation or tinted moisturizer, apply loose or compact powder using a puff or a brush.


Using an eye shadow, add definition to your eyebrows using short strokes. The eyebrows for this look are not that strong so fill in only the areas needed.


Using an eye liner, line your upper and lower lashes and then smudge the eye liner using a small eye shadow brush. This starts the whole smokey look.

Next, you will need two shades of eye shadow. The first is a lighter purple lilac shade and the second is a darker blueish-lilac shade. Take the purple lilac eye shadow and apply it all over your lid until past the crease of your eye. Take a blending brush and then start blending it upwards towards your eyebrow to get that dark to light effect.

purple smokey eyeshadow

Now take the darker lilac eye shadow and apply it on the lower part of your lid until just right below the crease of your eye. Take your blending brush again and start blending the line using small circular strokes. This creates contrast and a really smoked look on your eyes.

jill stuart purple eyeshadow

Take the dark lilac eye shadow again and apply it on your lower lash line. Make sure you apply more eye shadow on the outer corner of your eye and lessen it as your move towards the inner corner of your eyes. This completes the lilac smokey eyes and makes your eyes pop even more.

jill stuart eye makeup

Finish off your smokey eyes with a good amount of mascara. Don’t forget to curl your lashes too.


Using a good blush brush, apply bronzer right above your jawline to contour your cheeks. With a highlighter or a light powder, highlight the bridge of your nose, under your eyes and on top of your brows to create dimension.


The main focus of this look is your eyes, so there is no need for strong lips. You can use a tint or lip gloss in a light shade of pink to compliment the lilac eye shadow.

jill stuart fall 2012 lips

Pair this look with grungy post party hair just like what was seen on the runway or a simple and clean ponytail if you want a more girly vibe. You can also wear it with soft waves! This look is very flexible, feel free to experiment with it.

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