Tough and cold a Snow Queen may be perceived as, but her distance and stoic disposition are also associated with an air of elegance and mystery. This mystery draws us in even if we try our best to resist. For the Zac Posen fall / winter 2013 show, the icy beauty was brought to life via a beauty look created by MAC makeup artist Kabuki.

This beauty look was meant to balance out a collection of jewel tones and was very reminiscent of actress Tilda Swinton’s contemporary yet elegant look. Tough yet still very classic and chic, this look if perfect day or night and cooly suited to fall 2013’s fashions. It remains to be very ethereal because of the presence of soft eyes – despite the strong burgundy lips that look like they’re calling out for a kiss. Lucky for us, we don’t have to go out in the cold just to get this snow queen look. We have the steps right here and all you have to do is to read on after the break.

Snow queen makeup tutorial

How to: Zac Posen’s Snow Queen beauty look


Before anything else you have to prep your skin to keep it healthy and to make the makeup stay on longer. You can do this by simply moisturizing your face or by using an all in one makeup primer.

Next thing you should do is to create a flawless look. Take some foundation and apply it evenly onto your skin with a brush or your hands, it really depends on what you’re comfortable with. If you have areas that require more coverage your can apply concealer on them. For the Zac Posen show, MAC Matchmaster Foundation was used in pale tones to give models that porclaine-skinned look.

Contouring allows you to create more dimension and to do this, you’ll need some powder that’s in a shade darker than your skin tone (MAC’s Skinfinish Mineralize Natural powder was used backstage). With a brush, apply powder from your temples going down to your jawline and then apply it on the hollows of your cheeks or the area under your cheeks.


Because this look mainly concentrates on the eyes and on the lips, you will have to skip the normal blush on routine. Instead, you’ll use powder in a light or with a luminescent finish on your cheek to naturally highlight them. MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Lightscapade is highly recommended.


To get Snow Queen eyes you’ll need eye shadow in a white shade. If you don’t have any you can use one that’s in a really pale pink as a substitute. Simply sweep the eye shadow all over your eyelids with a brush. The amount you’ll put will greatly affect how dramatic your eyes are going to be. If you want a simple everyday look, we suggest a light coat of eye shadow.

Next, take some liquid eyeliner and thinly line your upper lids. Line your eyes as close to the eye lashes as you can for a more natural look. Finish your eyes by curling your lashes and then applying a good coat of mascara.


First, prep your lips by applying on some lip balm on the center then line them with a burgundy lip liner like MAC Lip Pencil in Vino. Take some tissue paper and press it in between your lips to soften the liner. Then set your lip liner with a dusting of loose powder.

Next, with a lip liner, apply burgundy lipstick starting of the center of your lips and spreading it outwards to the sides. For the Zac Posen show MAC Lip Mix in Burgundy was used.

Cold, distant but still very glamorous, this look is one that will impel you to carry yourself with poise and mystery. If you want a beauty look that truly speaks out for itself then this is for you.

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