Blue is a color associated with sweeping skies and crystal clear waters which is probably why one of the biggest make up trends for summer 2013 is blue eyeshadow. The striking looks brought about by blue makeup have created such statements that we can be sure the trend will go on until the fall season – and Thakoon took note of this.

What do you get when you create a fall collection inspired by summer? You get a mix of opposing elements that eventually creates a balance. This is what Thakoon did for his fall 2013 show. The collection can be considered as a transition between two seasons and Diane Kendal for NARS cosmetics made sure the beauty look was also a meeting between summer and winter. The look she created features striking starry midnight blue eyes that transcend the seasons. Read on after the break for the tutorial.

night sky eyeshadow

How to: Thakoon’s starry midnight blue eyes

First things first, start by prepping your skin. With any make up look, it’s always important to keep your skin hydrated and you can do this by using an all in one make up primer or a moisturizer. This keeps your skin healthy and will make your make up stay on longer.
Next, create a flawless base by applying foundation all over your face. For the Thakoon show, Radiant Cream Compact Foundation was used but this will only be out by fall. You can use Sheer Glow Foundation by NARS for a similar effect. Feel free to use concealer in areas that need extra coverage.


Fill in your brows with an eyebrow pencil. The brows for this look are thick and straight. This will help bring focus to your midnight blue lids.


This is the main focus of this beauty look which means that this is where the bulk of the “work” is. To get this look you will need a duo eye shadow palette in two shades of midnight blue like Marie Galante Duo Eyeshadow and Ubangi Eye Paint. Start with the lighter shade and apply it on your eye lids just a little over your crease. Don’t blend the edges of your eye shadow because you’ll need that strong almost painted-on look.

Next, apply the darker shadow over the previous one and softly blend the two together but keep the edges as is.

Now it’s time to add the glimmer powders. For this look three were used starting a darker bronze on the outer corner, followed by a pink-bronze from the center of the eye to the inner corner and finished a little gold in the center. This really creates the starry look.
Once you’re finished with the eye shadow and glitters, it’s time to line your eyes with a cream eye liner. Line your eyes on your upper lash line, this will define your eyes and will also serve as your mascara.


Since this look is focused on the eyes, there is really not much you need to do on your cheeks. You’ll just need to apply some blush on the apples of your cheeks. For the Thakoon show, NARS Sex Appeal Blush was used.


Diane Kendal kept the lips for the Thakoon show bare and natural to let the eyes truly shine. You can do this as well and just use some lip balm to jeep your lips healthy looking.

A little sparkle truly goes a long way and this beauty look is perfect to spice up any winter night. You can wear it with a modern hairstyle like the one on the Thakoon show or you can wear it with your hair down. While this look may seem like it’s not for the faint hearted it’s surprisingly flexible. Feel free to reduce the glitters if you want a more subtle look. Make up is also about experimenting and this look is perfect to play around with.

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