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Were you ever to slide open the antique wood draw of my revivalist-Tudor bedside table you would know that it plays host to a rather excessive quantity of scents from Tom Ford‘s unisex Private Blend range. It also plays host to a great many other scents; some are also from Tom Ford others from the likes of Hermes and Ralph Lauren. It transpires, however, that the draw, packed rather tightly as it is, may need some room made in it. For Tom Ford has a new scent for us all: Neroli Portofino.

tom ford neroli portofino

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Tom Ford: Neroli Portofino campaign (NSFW)
Tom Ford: Neroli Portofino campaign (NSFW)
Tom Ford: Neroli Portofino campaign (NSFW)

The reason for my excess quantity of scents has many aspects: I believe that scents help set one’s mood, particular scents are better suited to daywear or the evening, while other scents are better suited to particular social occasions then others. Most definitively, however, scents have seasons. Certainly a season doesn’t define a scent, but certain scents will always be suited to autumn and winter, and others to spring and summer. And it’s those latter two seasons that Tom Ford‘s newest scent Neroli Portofino belongs.

Neroli Portofino, Tom Ford’s reinvention of a classic eau de cologne, instantly evokes the seductive essence of the Italian coast. Inspired by and infused with this exhilarating scent, the Neroli Portofino collection of bath and body products revitalizes and nourishes the skin with nature-rich ingredients such as olive fruit oil, grape seed oil and date seed extract that are indigenous to the Mediterranean.

Available as body oil, a bath scrub, a body moisturiser, a shower gel, and a bath soap as well as a eau de parfum, it’s not just the scent itself that is a reinvention of a classic. Despite his recent rebranding towards being Mr. Tom Ford, the purest of gentlemen, Ford’s latest campaign leans towards those old. Not old Italian coast, but old Tom Ford. The old Tom Ford who’s name didn’t make a mark just for his quality offerings, but also for the overt sexuality, often replete with nudity, that he was lavished throughout his ad campaigns.

The campaign imagery for Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino scent can be seen in full by clicking on the thumbnails below.

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