With vintage femininity being an ongoing trend the past few seasons, it’s only natural that we see beauty looks inspired by the past eras. The brand Maidenlove with the help of Maybelline NY created a make up look for the group swim show during Australian Fashion Week (MBFWA) that’s reminiscent of the 1950s pin up era. The look features on-trend blue eye shadow, rose stained lips for that kissable look, and slight contouring through the mix of blush and bronzer.

The person behind this look is Nigel Stanislaus and he describes it as a playful and feminine beauty look that really suits a swimwear show. While Nigel may have designed this look for swimwear that doesn’t mean that you can’t wear it with just about anything else. This pin up beauty look can be worn for a day at the office or a night out on the town and it’s very easy to recreate for yourself. Check out the steps after the break.

How to: vintage pin-up beauty look


With any beauty or make up look, it’s always best to start by prepping your face with a make up primer. This keeps your face healthy and helps your make up stay on longer.

Once you’ve primed your face, you can put on your foundation. This beauty look features clear, luminous and fresh looking skin and putting on foundation will help you achieve that. If you have areas that need extra coverage, like under your eyes, you can use concealer. For the Maidenlove show, Maybelline NY’s BB cream was used, an all in one product that’s great for your face.

This look has full eyebrows and you can achieve this by taking eye shadow and using that to fill in your brows. Use an eye shadow brush to trace your eyebrows. You can also use eyebrow pencil if you’re more comfortable with that but eye shadow tends to give a more natural look.


Start working on your eyes by taking some light blue eye shadow. Apply it to the lower lash line of the top lid and then use a blending brush to bring it up towards your brows. This will create that gradient / blended look on your eyes.

For that sexy pin up look, you will need to line your eyes. The best and easiest way to do this is by using liquid eyeliner. Start on the inner corner of your upper lids and then work your way outward. The line should start out thin and then get thicker as you go towards the outer corner of your eyes. Then create a flick or wing the eyeliner a little bit for that vintage cat eye look.
Once you’ve done your eyeliner, apply mascara twice on your upper lashes for sexy and flirty eyes. For this look, Maybelline NY’s Great Lash was used.


Start working on your cheeks by slightly contouring your cheekbones using bronzer. Take a blush brush and apply bronzer on your jawline, just below the apple of your cheeks. Make sure you do this starting in the middle of your jawline and then go towards your ear.

Next, apply blush for that sun kissed glow. Choose a shade that blends naturally with the bronzer and your skin. Take a blush brush and apply it on the apples of your cheeks, just above the bronzer. Once you’ve applied the blush, carefully blend it with the bronzer for a structured yet still radiant look.

Finish this beauty look by putting on glossy lipstick in a rose shade to really get that 50s pin up look.

Classic or vintage inspired looks are always striking. While this one is perfect for summer you can also wear it for other seasons especially if you want to give your ensemble that fun pin-up girl vibe. For more photos of this look, check out the Maidenlove backstage photos here or the Maidenlove runway coverage here.

Photos courtesy of Maybelline NY.

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