You’ll never get to hear a woman complain about owning too many shoes or too many perfumes, that’s for sure. Although they care about tradition, about sticking to a routine when it comes to beauty, they also love the element of surprise and above all, they love to indulge in unique gifts that speak close to their personalities. Gifting a woman with a fragrance is merely a strong reflection of how you perceive her style, her individuality, her soul. That’s why such personal gifts should be chosen with a distinct image in mind.

Deciding between scents that will trigger long forgotten memories, that will make a woman feel seductive, powerful or vulnerable, or that will bring new dreams and hopes to life is like writing the next chapter in her life. A chapter that will be wrapped in the same scent you picked out for her story.

After the break we take you through out top 5 picks for captivating fragrances for this year’s Christmas gift guide.

women's perfume gift guide

In the City of Sin By Kilian

Part of the latest fragrance collection launched By Kilian, suggestively entitled In the Garden of Good and Evil, this rich scent of fruits, spices, flowers and wood is suited for the fearless woman, who would love to enter a universe without limits. Opening with explosive notes of bergamote and pink peppercorns, In The City of Sin is captivating, alluring and addictive. Exploring the eternal tension between good and evil, this fragrance perfectly fits the sensual realm.

In the City of Sin By Kilian

in the city of sin perfume
In The City of Sin perfume.

Tom Ford – Black Orchid

Suited for the glamorous and alluring woman, the Black Orchid is an iconic Tom Ford fragrance that is mostly a captivating and luxurious take on the heavenly dark scents. The black gardenia, orchid, jasmine and vanilla undertones make for a timeless perfume that screams luxury and opulence. Highly sensual and right down seductive.

Tom Ford Black Orchid

tom ford black orchid perfume
Tom Ford Black Orchid perfume.

Annick Goutal – Nuit Etoilee

Aside from its alluring concept and equally stunning packaging, the exquisite Siberian pine, sweet orange and flattering peppermint notes turn Nuit Etoilee into a sophisticated, comforting and ravishing fragrance. Suited for an exquisite, romantic and artistic personality, the latest scent by Annick Goutal allows for distant and fond memories to come back and fulfill the soul.

Annick Goutal Nuit Etoilee

nuit etoilee perfume
Annick Goutal Nuit Etoilee perfume.

Aedes De Venustas – Aedes De Venustas

After many years since opening their New York City Boutique, Aedes De Venustas finally got to launch their signature fragrance this Spring and, as expected, it is luxurious, sensual and transparent. Suited for the modern woman, who loves minimalism and a slight edge in her perfume, this scent sure feels like a totally new experience, but with a classic twist. Mixing notes of red berries, rhubarb an tomato leafs with green apple and honeysuckle, it’s no wonder this scent is addictive, intriguing and incredibly unique.

Aedes De Venustas

aedes de venusta perfume
Aedes De Venustas perfume.

Diptyque – Eau Rose

Unbelievable fresh, utterly feminine and delightfully soft, Eau Rose is suited for the girlie girls, who just love the uplifting rose scent. With undertones of white honey and musk, colliding gently with rose, jasmine and black currant notes, this fragrance is all about a quiet and beautiful scent that delights and conquers.

Diptyque Eau Rose

Diptyque Eau Rose
Diptyque Eau Rose perfume.

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