6 worst beauty trends of 2015

With 2015 drawing to a close it’s only natural for us to take a look back and evaluate the trends that were meant to influence our lives (one way or another) over the past year, runway to real-life. And since not all beauty trends are envisioned equal, alongside all the good – read the 2015 beauty trends we absolutely swooned over- we’ve continued to stumble across the unfortunate, both in the make-up and hair departments.

Below, the 6 worst beauty trends of 2015 we want to see toned down in 2016.

worst beauty trends of 2015

Noticeable contouring.

Contouring to enhance one’s natural bone structure and minimize features is a process that requires a lot of products, not to mention time. The trend first hit us back in 2014, but it was this year when it exploded into pure craziness.

So much so that at the At Hood by Air Spring 2016 show, the unblended look was mimicked into a cheeky commentary to pop culture’s obsession with plastic-like perfection. Bearing a heavy and fake feel to it, this is one beauty trend we cannot wait to say goodbye to.

Photo: Hood by Air Spring / Summer 2016.

worst beauty trends of 2015

Over-contoured lips.

The look may have carried cartoonish-like vibes at Vivienne Westwood Red Label, but the statement made on the runway is sadly just an exaggerated version of the reality. Nothing about an ombre, over-contoured lip spells beauty, and despite all of us being guilty of faking a fuller lip at one point or another, this is one make-up trend that needs to be handled lightly.

Photo: Vivienne Westwood Red Label Spring / Summer 2015.

worst beauty trends of 2015

Red eyeshadow.

Not the most prominent of 2015 statements, but one present enough on the catwalks to exert its fair share of influence, the red eyeshadow builds the kind of look that appears gothicly beautiful when done by professional make-up artists to be sported on the runway. In real life instead, the look is likely to make everyone appear instantly tired or sick.

Enough reason for us to want to see this beauty trend gone.

Photo: Antonio Marras Fall / Winter 2015.

worst beauty trends of 2015

Drawn-on brows.

Full, strong, beautiful brows: the beauty trend that won us over back in 2014 had many renditions over the past year, some more unfortunate than others, so we’ve seen thick brows with ombre effects, tapered, colored and even embellished.

But among them, the sharp, drawn-on dark brows mimicking the fuller, thicker and better looking originals, might just make for the most unflattering version. Severe, aging and unnatural, the beauty trend implores some toning down. Let’s hope it will happen in 2016.

Photo: Leonard Spring / Summer 2015.

worst beauty trends of 2015

Spider lashes.

Full-lashes, Twiggy-lashes, doll-like lashes, we’ve seen and loved them all, on and off the runways. But then, as it had to happen, 2015 saw the rise of the spider lashes (full, fake and overwhelming), promoted by women who can’t seem to get enough of a good thing. As we fail to understand their appeal, we hope to see this trend deflate in 2016.

Photo: Betsey Johnson Spring / Summer 2015.

worst beauty trends of 2015

Overblown hair & extensions.

At Moschino, the place where fashion and beauty are always made to look fun, flirty and playful, the Barbie-like curls and extensions felt right at home. For the brand, the overdone look was part of a theme to be explored in 2015, on the streets on the other hand, the overblown hair and exaggerated extensions aim to shape the new normal. Which makes us eager to go back to unfussy, loose curls with natural texture. Hopefully, in 2016.

Photo: Moschino Spring / Summer 2015.

worst beauty trends of 2015

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