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And God created Daphne Groeneveld: weekend watch

Dior aren’t too shabby at creating perfume advertisements. In fact you’ll note they made our list of fragrance ads that worked, but didn’t hit the top of the most controversial perfume ads list. You might add this commercial to their list of successes: cute, fun, and tapping into an era fashion has momentarily had its sights set on, namely the 1950s. It doesn’t take too…

5 perfume ads that worked and why

What are the ingredients that compose a successful perfume advertisement? One would say a breathtaking scenic location, while another would put forward an argument that a good TV commercial needs a well-narrated story. Some want the highest-grossing Hollywood celebrity in the finest gowns, but others are happy to look at a half-naked male body swinging to Lana del Ray’s voice by the pool. If you…

How to smell your best: your summer perfume picks without the cliches

How often do you stop and wonder, “what do I want to smell like today?” Do you want to smell like the ocean or freshly cut grass? Floral or fruity? Different occasions call for different ways of awakening the senses. From flaneuring like a tourist in your own city to heading out on a date on a balmy night, we look at the best scents for the scenarios of summer.

6 perfume ads so provocative they got banned

Advertisement campaigns in the fashion and beauty industry are less about the product and more about the extravagance of the imagery or video. Especially where perfume ads are concerned, there’s no denying that we often see less of the tangible bottle, and more of everything else in that one frame, be it a nude body scattered on satin sheets or random imagery unlinked to the…

Tips for choosing a signature perfume

Holding the power to flash memories from the past, ignite feelings you were hoping to forget and poking nostalgia through the mere sense of smell, a whiff from a perfume strip is mightier than anticipated. A spritz on the wrist was traditionally done to camouflage bad smell from the body, but over time, it’s become a symbol of status and personality. We wear perfume to…

Lavender Palm: Tom Ford’s L.A in a bottle

Scents can be the olfactory manifestation of a single breed of flower, or of a whole garden of botanicals. They can evoke a particular mood. Or they can be a place, bottled up and captured like the simultaneous memory of all the sights and sounds of a single day. That's what Tom Ford's Lavender Palm is. It's a summer's day in California, pressed into a bottle. Putting on such a fragrance is the equivalent of an unusual form of teleportation. Spray. Close eyes. Breathe. You're there. It's the warmth of sun on your face, the elegance of silk on your skin, it's grass and leaves crushed underfoot; it's elegant, warm, and fresh.

Marie Antoinette’s Black Jade: a fragrance with a story

They say that 80% of a person’s satisfaction with a gift comes from how it’s wrapped. That may be the case, but a gift doesn’t just have to be wrapped in gilt-edged paper and silk ribbon; it can also be wrapped up snugly in the beautiful fabric of a story. A gift with a story is worth ten without. A gift with a story says…

New fragrances from Tom Ford

As well as a complete collection of skincare and cosmetics – the campaign for which stars Lara Stone along with Tom Ford’s stubble – two new fragrances have also been announced as part of Tom Ford‘s fall beauty range. Any fan of Ford’s rich, unique fragrances will be getting in line for these after reading the sumptuous descriptions of their genetic makeup, from the “hedonistic…
Lara Stone: Tom Ford Beauty A/W '11 / '12 campaign
Lara Stone: Tom Ford Beauty A/W '11 / '12 campaign
Lara Stone: Tom Ford Beauty A/W '11 / '12 campaign
Lara Stone: Tom Ford Beauty A/W '11 / '12 campaign
Lara Stone: Tom Ford Beauty A/W '11 / '12 campaign
Lara Stone: Tom Ford Beauty A/W '11 / '12 campaign
Lara Stone: Tom Ford Beauty A/W '11 / '12 campaign