Fragrances & Scents.

Kate Moss Fragrance on the Horizon

2007 will see people dressing like Kate Moss, and maybe even smelling like Kate Moss too. Rumour has it that Kate has signed a deal with Coty Inc. to launch her very own fragrance. There’s also been word that a beauty line is on the cards for Kate, who is currently the face of Coty-owned cosmetics brand Rimmel.

Tom Ford Knows How To Do It

With The Devil Wears Prada proving a huge success at the box-office, Daily News sheds light on how ?ber-designer Tom Ford interacts with the world’s best magazine editors when it comes time to launch a new fragrance; Clad in a gray three-piece suit, white shirt unbuttoned, and tan as ever, Tom Ford personally greeted high profile editors this morning, including Anna Wintour, Glenda Bailey, and…