Fragrances & Scents.

Smell Like Marie-Antoinette

Inarguably one of the most infamous cases of regicide, all things Marie-Antoinette have come back into fashion thanks to the recent biopic. So it comes as no surprise to find that you can now smell just like the deposed Consort did.

Kate Moss Fragrance on the Horizon

2007 will see people dressing like Kate Moss, and maybe even smelling like Kate Moss too. Rumour has it that Kate has signed a deal with Coty Inc. to launch her very own fragrance. There’s also been word that a beauty line is on the cards for Kate, who is currently the face of Coty-owned cosmetics brand Rimmel.

Tom Ford Knows How To Do It

With The Devil Wears Prada proving a huge success at the box-office, Daily News sheds light on how ?ber-designer Tom Ford interacts with the world’s best magazine editors when it comes time to launch a new fragrance; Clad in a gray three-piece suit, white shirt unbuttoned, and tan as ever, Tom Ford personally greeted high profile editors this morning, including Anna Wintour, Glenda Bailey, and…