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5 DIY face masks for oily skin using natural ingredients

Perhaps more than any other skin type, oily skin requires a great deal of care and attention, and only the best of natural astringents to battle its issues effectively. That’s why it is important to include a homemade face mask in your beauty routine, at least once a week. They will help close the pores, soak up the excess oils and stabilize the production of…

5 DIY face masks for dry skin using only natural ingredients

Every type of skin comes with its own share of problems. Those of you familiar with the discomfort dry skin causes are also aware of its tendency to flake easily, of its loss of radiance and overall unhealthy appearance. The homemade facial masks using nothing but natural ingredients from your kitchen are the best way to add moisture and a fresh-looking glow to your dry…

Why you need rosehip oil: the skincare must-have for men & women

It’s been called a miracle skincare product. Miranda Kerr and David Gandy swear it does wonders for the skin, some believe it even holds the potential to surpass the coconut oil. And although there are countless different essential oils out there, each with its own set of benefits, all promising unique results, the word has spread that rosehip extract is in fact just as incredible as…

Men’s winter skincare: the four steps to healthy skin

With winter slowly taking over, we must all embrace change and allow for some daily routine steps to gently be replaced by those that are meant to help fight against the harmful effects of the super low temperatures. And if women tend to adapt to the winter routine quite easily, by enriching their diet with vitamins and minerals, and by switching their skincare routine to…

6 steps to flawless summer skin

Having the perfect summer wardrobe is one thing, but let's not forget about the all-important canvas beneath any look: your skin. After the dry and dreary months of winter, the skin demands a routine that covers all the important aspects - from a boost of vitamins to a dose of hydration to protection from the elements. Read on for 5 steps to beautiful summer skin.

Breakfast with Miranda Kerr

It’s not everyday that you have breakfast with a supermodel. As you fix your own hair, she shares her health and diet secrets with you. You attempt to conceal the blemish on your nose while in the company of a woman whose skin is flawless. Writing about them minus their physical presence is easy, but not when their swagger is alive in its totality. Such…

The bronze age

If there’s one thing that’s a key ingredient to summer, one thing that’s even more of a basic building block than that perfect on trend swimsuit, it’s a golden, Goddess-like, bronzed and beautiful tan. Unless you’re blessed with either naturally dark skin, or a complexion so milky white it’s best left to be as pretty as porcelain, a healthy bronze glow can make the world…
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Eniko Mihalik: Vogue Paris June/July 2011 (NSFW)
Eniko Mihalik: Vogue Paris June/July 2011 (NSFW)
Eniko Mihalik: Vogue Paris June/July 2011 (NSFW)
Eniko Mihalik: Vogue Paris June/July 2011 (NSFW)

Review: NP Set Purifying Facial Cleanser

Napoleon Perdis has, in my mind, always been about the makeup; I’ve never really thought of it as your go-to brand for skincare products. But as it happens Napoleon Perdis have released new range of moisturizers, cleansers and toners as part of their NP set range. The first thing I tried from the NP Set range was the Purifying Facial Cleanser. It’s got a pleasant…

Review: Carmex healing lotion & healing cream

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Carmex. All opinions are 100% mine. My love affair with Carmex lip balm began several years ago when I was travelling in London. Back then, those little pots of medicated goodness weren’t readily available in my home city of Melbourne, and I’d buy stockpiles at Boots to bring back home with me. While Carmex’s…

Miranda Kerr’s campaign for Kora Skincare

Branching out from modelling, beautiful Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr is launching her own beauty line. Apparently involved heavily in the product development process – from manufacturing through to packaging – Kerr named the line Kora, after a type of pilgrimage and meditation in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. A few shots from the launch campaign have come to light, showing a naked Miranda with loose…
Kora: Miranda Kerr's advertisement (NSFW)
Kora: Miranda Kerr's advertisement (NSFW)