Skin care.

Principessa beauty range for skin and hair

Principessa’s tagline is “beauty products for the urban princess” – and they’re true to their word. Wrapped up in what can only be described as the ultimate girly-girl pink packaging, you can’t help but feel that any product is a delightful indulgence. Available at, the Principessa range includes everything from whipped body cream to sugar scrub to hair & body powder. They also come…

In your gift bag: Palmolive Pure Cashmere

As dedicated lovers of fashion, we all know that the softness of genuine cashmere can’t be beaten. So how about taking the luxury of cashmere, and applying it to skincare? In your MSFW High Fashion, High Tea giftbag, you’ll have the opportunity to sample Palmolive’s luxurious Pure Cashmere shower cream, which contains extract of 100% natural cashmere.

Beauty review: Schick Quattro Razor

For all the money I spend on skincare and moisturisers and the like, I must confess that when it comes to shaving I’m a bit of a cheap-arse (particularly in Winter – much to the disdain of the men in my life). So when I received a Schick Quattro for review, my expectation was for another over-priced piece of plastic and metal that wouldn’t do…

Lindsay Lohan: your skin is blinding me

When I first glanced across some of the recent paparazzi photos of Lindsay Lohan it crossed my mind that she’d finally stopped wearing black leggings. The actress come singer come Marylin Monroe breast-a-like had finally moved on, found something else, expanded her horizons. And what did I think she’d found? White leggings. Out with the black, in with the white.

Paris Hilton gets lip augmentation?

Or was stung by a bee. It wasn’t that long ago that Lindsay Lohan got some apparent cosmetic surgery, now it seems another Hollywood diva has joined her. Paris Hilton breaks the “don’t go outside” rule, and is the latest person to wear the trout pout.

Lindsay Lohan gets some odd lip augmentation

I’m all for plastic surgery. Whether it’s because Mother Nature has started to take her cruel toll, or because various parts of you might have needed the odd enhancement to begin with, as long as you’re comfortable with it then go for it. Within reason. You see, “within reason” really is the key. And Lindsay Lohan has completely overlooked it.

Tattoos: fashionable or faux pas

What once was a sign of rebellion is now more a sign of uniqueness. Tattoos are being worn by a large range of celebrities, everyone from Christy Turlington who has a flower tattoo on her ankle, to Nicole Richie with a reported 9 tattoos. Avril Lavigne has a star on her wrist, so does Gisele Bundchen – and even seemingly innocent Mandy Moore has a…

Despite risks, the tan is still hot

The debate of tanning has arisen again recently when Beauty Queen, Brittany Leitz, approached the media to warn people about skin cancer after developing a melanoma. Tanning salons are still huge, and so is the tanned look. But there are some moving away from the Tan in favour of more natural looking skin. Here we can see different celebrities skin tones. Jessica Simpson normally prefers…

Products to get the Perfect Tan

Jessica Alba has one, so too does Kate Moss in her campaign for Roberto Cavielli. So what is the best way to achieve the perfect tan without having to wreck your skin in the sun? There are several Fake Tan products in the market at the moment, but which one is the best? We tried and tested products from various companies ‚Äì here are the…