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The coolest neo-bohemian jewellery to indulge in this fall

Having a new season upon us serves as the best excuse to start upgrading your accessory collection with some bold, bohemian, on-trend jewellery pieces that promise to round off your autumnal outfits in the most pertinent and extraordinary way possible. Cuffs, handpieces, chokers, stacking rings, they all speak about the beauty of heritage, melting past into present, and craftsmanship into unique designs. After the break,…

Fashgasm 27.8.2014

Enjoy a daily fashgasm and find inspiration in what's hot and what's new in the world of fashion, all polished off with the latest photo shoots and sales.

A dark sensuality takes over the city of love (NSFW)

When you hear the word Paris and your mind becomes replete with timeless romance, you don’t necessarily picture a dark room overlooking the streets of Montmartre, a room that’s shielding the presence of a mysterious woman who is as unapologetically sensual, as she is raw and beautiful; and you don’t imagine the sky turning inky-black, nor the stylish garments passing into flawless bare-skin. But once…
NSFW Photo gallery included.

How to: Donna Karan’s punky and futuristic make-up look

Punky and futuristic, but coming to sight incredibly fresh and modern, this was the unconventional makeup look created by Charlotte Tilbury and inspired by the city of New York, seen sharpening the structural silhouettes at Donna Karan’s fall / winter 2014 presentation. Charcoal lids coated with metallic creams and light layers of gloss, were paired to a radiant complexion and the softest lips for a…