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Street style: 19 cool male model looks from Milan

The model boys have a style all of their own. It doesn’t matter if it’s tailored and smart or denim-based and casual, they all have one thing in common: a too-cool-to-care attitude. On full display during the menswear shows of Milan fashion week, this off-duty model style continues to catch our eye. At the gallery, 19 cool male model outfits from Milan. And if you…

A brief encounter with the femme fatale (NSFW)

For as straightforward and unprejudiced as it is, Nicolas Guerin‘s photography work sure feels like an unending story unraveling the pure wonder that is art, the kind of art that doesn’t stand guard against stirring emotions but awakens them, builds them up and sets them free, for us to find, for them to find us. Meeting his vision halfway is creative director Sheri Chiu, the…
NSFW Photo gallery included.