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Men’s details: the perfect, slim wallet

I hate bulky wallets. Not the least because I don’t understand why a person needs access to every card they own every moment of their life – can’t we all just carry the cards we need for the day ahead? I also hate bulky wallets because they can ruin a look. When a gent pops a bulky wallet into the breast pocket of his suit…

WIN: ultra stylish camera accessories from ZKIN

We’re all photographers, now; whether we chronical our lives on Instagram using nothing but our iPhone, whether our point-and-shoot stands as an essential alongside our keys and wallet, never to leave our side; or whether we cherish our DSLR as the high quality keeper of our memories and moments. And for professional and hobbyist alike, there’s a new-found need we all have in common: the…

Italy’s vintage sunglasses treasure trove – and why you need to visit it

Great pairs of sunglasses are few and far between. Sure there are some nice styles out there but, for the most part, all the quality sunglasses you’re ever likely to own are made by one company. So while most of us desire to be anything but generic, the glasses which adorn our faces usually are. Hence the rise of elaborate, artisanal sunglasses – an ocular…

8 of the best: mid-finger rings

As fashion trends grow and evolve and boundaries are pushed, no part of the body is off-limits for dressing up and accessorising. In the past few seasons that’s meant new life for earrings – reinvented as the now ubiquitous ear cuff – and rings. The latter, you’ll have no doubt observed, have crept from below the knuckle to above it, taking over every joint of…

Beanie attitude: how to wear a beanie this fall

Women are known for having the tendency to skip comfort, especially when the ultimate goal is to achieve a flawless head-to-toe look. This usually translates to wearing heels despite the amount of time spent walking or standing easily surpassing the first bearable hour, or forgetting all about headgear when the temperatures start dropping at a considerable rate. Most of times it’s all worth it in…

10 of the best men’s accessories from the spring 2014 runways

Fashion has a fascinating way of galvanizing people into constantly thinking about the future, making it always about what’s next, more than it will ever be about what’s hot right now. Past and present get often clouded by the alluring thought of a better, brighter, far more exciting and not so distant future. With the official start of summer 2013 not even that far behind…

Gucci’s Fiat 500 hits Australian Shores

Apparently it takes quite a while to drive all the way from Italy to Australia but it looks like Gucci’s Fiat 500 is finally hitting Australian shores. Just like its European cousin the car has been customised by Frida Giannini throughout so you can expect plenty of interlocking G’s. Available in black or white, check out the campaign and styling in the gallery below.
Gucci's Fiat 500 Hits Australian Shores
Gucci's Fiat 500 Hits Australian Shores
Gucci's Fiat 500 Hits Australian Shores
Gucci's Fiat 500 Hits Australian Shores
Gucci's Fiat 500 Hits Australian Shores
Gucci's Fiat 500 Hits Australian Shores
Gucci's Fiat 500 Hits Australian Shores
Gucci's Fiat 500 Hits Australian Shores

5 ways to indulge in the 1920s trend – without looking like you’re in costume

Suffice to get lost in the pages of “The Great Gatsby” or to have at least watched Baz Lurhmann’s vibrant adaptation of the same book to become instantly fascinated with the Roaring Twenties. Unlike any other decade, the 1920s have a fantasy quality to them that ended up turning the flapper into a romantic notion every woman wants a taste of. The years of 2007…

15 jewellery pieces to make you look like a fierce jungle queen

It's a timeless fantasy: the woman washed up on shore turned fierce jungle queen, the sexy surviver with dishevelled beach hair and primitive fur pelts. It may be far removed from any reality, but isn't that the point? This summer, getting into the jungle queen spirit with arm cuffs and tusk necklaces, tribal rings and bold talon earrings never felt fiercer. After the break: these are the tribal-inspired jewellery pieces you need in order to be crowned queen of the jungle.