Fashionable accessories.

An accessory edit for Anna Lou of London

Anna Lou (of Anna Lou of London fame) and I have a number of things in common, the most obvious being a love of all things jewellery. When Anna asked me to do a special guest edit of the brand’s newsletter featuring five of my favourite pieces, to say I was delighted would be to do the situation an injustice. I was about to head…

5 ways for girls to rock a tie this spring

For what seemed like the longest time, ties have been strictly associated with the menswear department, defining dandy looks and helping shape a gentleman’s ever so polished appearance. But as society has undergone evolution, the masculine-feminine boundaries have slowly blurred. Steering away from the corporate and leaving the over-the-top preppy days behind, the tie became a versatile statement accessory. Explored in subtle ways, veiled in…

Get your punk on: the tough accessories to snap up right now

Picture an evening gown with plunging neckline and floor-sweeping hem. Now add some tough accessories: an upper-ear cuff, a spiked tiara, a studded clutch, a sharp talon ring… any of these things can change the mood of the look instantly and completely. And yet, they maintain a luxuriousness, adding an edge rather than necessarily taking over. This is punk as fashion statement, not as subculture.…

Must-have men’s accessories for spring 2013

Striving to keep up with the most influential spring 2013 fashion trends for men, the accessories envisioned this season are wreathed by a modern feel, although they still withhold the timeless essence that turns them into worthy investments. Even the most sleek of suits and the most exquisite of button-downs couldn’t feel complete without that ultra-stylish finishing touch that ties an outfit together. This season,…

WIN a €650 Dora Abodi Phoenix Egg bag

This bag should come with a warning label: only to be carried if you don’t mind being stopped frequently in the street. Because that’s what happens when you carry Dora Abodi‘s statement-making accessories: everyone wants to know where you got them from. This week we launch a new giveaway on our Facebook page, with Dora Abodi’s gold and white fringe bag from her ‘Phoenix Egg’…

From boaters to caps: the best women’s hats for spring

What would the spring season be without a hat to fully stand for its energizing qualities and its modernistic trends? If we’re sure of one thing this season, is that hats, represented by a full spectrum of appealing styles, are going to be huge for spring. The runways gave us a glimpse of what was to come and now, as the weather finally got warmer,…

Best five men’s mechanical watches under $500

Before even beginning to list the best possibilities that will allow you to purchase a mechanical watch without having to give up a small fortune this season, you must be aware of the fact that between a quartz watch and a mechanical watch lies a world of differences. Some are meticulous, some are exceptional and others are pure brilliant, hence the complex mechanism that keeps…

The best women’s bags for spring

The bag you carry for spring can help you transition effortlessly into the new season, transforming your every outfit. From striped to floral to metallic or transparent, this season's bags can be broken down into key themes that excite and enchant.

Bande des Quatres: photographers & abstract minimalism

“Photographers” – Bande des Quatres’ third collection of jewelry, pursued in exploring the same clean, minimalist and unique aesthetic through a series of innovative and highly appealing pieces inspired this time around by masters of abstract photography. Built upon the strongest union of illusion and modern art, the newest collection revealed the creative duo’s first earrings, a conceptual statement all on their own.
Bande des Quatres Campaign
Bande des Quatres Campaign
Bande des Quatres Campaign
Bande des Quatres Campaign
Bande des Quatres Campaign
Bande des Quatres Campaign
Bande des Quatres Campaign
Bande des Quatres Campaign