On my piece on made to measure shirts I touched on the notion that custom and bespoke pieces are a sartorial right of passage for the style conscious male. Die Workwear has today touched on a something in a similar vein, discussing 3 stages of a man’s sartorial development while accurately highlighting the type of gent the stages are likely to appeal to. Hint: it’s a gent who wouldn’t say not to ending up with the same variety of old-man cool that George Clooney exhibits.

The three stages are:

  1. When he becomes aware of the basic rules and slavishly adheres to them. He also goes out and gets his blue and white shirts, brown shoes, and navy jackets, as he’s been instructed to.

  2. When he tries to master more complex executions. He tries to pair more interesting patterns together; accessorize with pocket squares, boutonnieres, and bracelets; and maybe dandifies himself with colorful socks. The rules aren’t broken per se, but they’re stretched a little bit past the orthodoxy.

  3. When he tires himself out and goes back to the basics. He’s much more at ease with his clothes and isn’t such a stickler about rules. At the same time, he understand that fit is more important than fanciful executions, so he goes back to his basic color palettes and wears well fitting things. You may see dandyish flashes at times when he wears checkered jacket here or there, but there’s nothing complicated about what he wears. This isn’t to say it’s a reversion to stage one, but rather an end point with subtleties that makes the basic look much more perfected and natural looking.

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