Jewellery is quite a personal thing. It’s both a reflection of one’s personality and a public display of it. Is she a diamonds girl or a peals girl? Does she wear low-key classic pieces of fine jewellery that match every outfit, or does she indulge in seasonal statement pieces?

Once you get beyond those questions, one possible answer is that she’s the kind of girl who wants something wearable and yet so unique it’s a talking point. If you’re buying a Christmas gift for the kind of girl whose not afraid to wear accessories that make people come up and take a closer look, to make people beg the question of where she got that interesting ring or necklace from, then you need something all together different. Something that’ll make her eyes open wide as the lid of the box comes off.

So, in no particular order, here are 5 unique jewellery pieces to satisfy the most whimsical, quirky and creative girl.

Unique jewellery for girls

Smith/Grey Horse Companion ring

Smith/Grey’s entire “I cant seem to get rid of the horses” collection takes a traditional animal motif and throws it down the rabbit hole. Emerging on the other side is a range of pieces constructed of horse bodies fused to horse bodies in a surreal, mind-bending manner. The ‘Horse Companion’ ring is one of the more subtle examples: made from gold plated bronze it features two horses melded into an eternal circle.

The phrase “classic with a twist” gets bandied about a lot, but this one really does earn it.


smith grey horse ring

Valentina Brugnatelli abstract floral cuff

Floral motifs are ever-present in jewellery, but Valentina Brugnatelli gives hers a modern and abstract re-imagining. Crafted from brass with white resin and Swarovski crystals, this cuff has an echo of the Deco era but manifests itself in a very contemporary way.


abstract floral cuff

Moxham ‘Anubis’ black leather necklace

Moxham calls their signature ‘Anubis’ necklace “tough-luxe”. A more apt description can’t possibly be found, that phrase saying it all: sharp and angular shapes that bite, made from luxurious black leather. The stylish but fierce girl will feel right at home in a statement-making piece like this.

For a more delicate take, also look to Moxham’s nude leather version.


edgy leather necklace

Kyle Hopkins ‘Citizen’ gold ring

Kyle Hopkins’ pieces are the kind that implore you to lean in closer and inspect them up close. Hopkins’ lilliputian people are sometimes doing cheeky, sometimes everyday, things – leaving us to wonder about their stories. His ‘Citizen’ ring collects a group of these gilded miniature people into one highly detailed and covetable piece.


kyle hopkins people ring

MANIAMANIA ‘Cosmos’ Tassel Choker

For the girl with a boldly bohemian edge, you can’t go past the mystecism of MANIAMANIA’s The Astral Plane collection. This choker with tassel is not for the faint of heart – and all the better for it. It’s handmade yellow gold plated brass which the tassel is oxidized metal.


maniamania tassle choker

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