Alexi Freeman ‘Rock Star’ collection: out of this world

Alexi Freeman makes his words work hard for their wages. The title of his latest collection, Rock Star, is toiling overtime to wrap two meanings into it’s mere handful of letters: defining the collection by drawing reference to both rock stars of the musical and of the celestial stage.

On the whole the aesthetic of Alexi Freeman’s autumn / winter 2012 collection oozes rock appeal: shiny gold lamé, metallic foiled leather, tops with sheer mesh panels, and heavy black coats punctuated by gold press studs are all modelled by Australian Kate Peck with the right wattage of rock-chic cool. Delve further into the literal meaning of the words ‘rock’ and ‘star’ though and you’ll also spot a geometric galaxy motif running through the collection. The jewellery pieces, Alexi tells us, have also been burnt as though they caught fire whilst entering the Earth’s atmosphere on their plummet down from out of space.

In a palette of all gold and black, it’s an entirely thematically cohesive collection – on two distinct levels.

View the full Alexi Freeman autumn / winter 2012 collection at the gallery above.