An ugly lingerie cut you can’t help but love

Bordelle just pulled off an amazing feat. Something that’s not happened to me in my lifetime yet and might not again for some time. They placed before my eyes a pair of high-cut V shaped briefs – the kind of cut you’d expect to see on Elle Macpherson in Sports Illustrated circa 1985 – and, despite my better judgement, despite all of the 80s horrors flashing through my mind, I can’t help but like them.

Perhaps it’s because they give off a mildly super-hero vibe, or perhaps it’s the leather harness accessorising that gives it a thoroughly modern update. But this resurrection of a long-dead cut suddenly doesn’t seem so bad at all.

Elsewhere in Bordelle’s winter 2011 look book the cuts are a little more as expected: vintage-style high waists and full cups dominate, with the addition of some very fetishist spikes in surprise places.

For more of Bordelle‘s vintage-cum-fetish offerings, click on the thumbnails and peruse their winter 2011 look book.