Christmas Desire: Logan from Noon

Ok, so I admit it, I’m a little bit of a gadget geek, and by a little I mean I have a gadget fetish (not inspector gadget, that would have me committed). And with all these gadgets lying around I can’t help but find that recharging them all is a drainer. Want proof? I have three things charging as we speak. No, I’m not carbon neutral. So tree huggers aside, I think I may have found myself the perfect Christmas gift.

Logan from noon solar man bag

Yes, it’s a man bag. And no, it doesn’t have some intricate pattern on one side. That’s actually a (tree hugger friendly) solar panel designed to recharge every man’s umpteenth gadgets. So, should you be lucky enough to get this Solar Logan Bag for Christmas, the next time your friends ask you “what’s up with the hand bag?” you can reply, “I need it, cause I’m rugged and I’m on a mission, I haven’t been home in five days and my iPod still works.”

Sadly this won’t appease all tree huggers. You see, tres cool solar panel aside this darn stylish bag is made from cow hide. But you know that fashion is a cycle, so odds on this isn’t going to worry you in the least when you buy it for that special someone with a few too many gadgets.

The Logan is available from noon for $412, and you can vote on the bag here.

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