Dark knights and nebulas: Erevos Aether

First glance at the Erevos Aether fall 2012 look book and the mind reels, unsure of what to think of first. It’s lead to visions of dystopian futures and dark superheros, Metropolis robots and Art Deco sculptures, nebulas and warriors and the vast infinity of space and time. Basically, cool stuff.

I’m too blown away to form much intelligent commentary on this one, so I’ll pose a breif question instead: how far off is the future where we all start dressing like this?

Get lost in this other world created by Erevos Aether, aptly taking the astronomical title of M45 Pleiades, by viewing the full look book above. Phenomenally photographed by Anomolous Visuals, the sci-fi futurist geek in you will not be disappointed.