Dree Hemingway: mud, skin and witchcraft for ManiaMania

The product and the imagery are always in fierce competition with any ManiaMania campaign. In this campaign, as with all the previous, you get swept up in the mood; the mystical, sensual mood. And as you’re being swept away on the white-water rush of dreamy imagery, your eyes scramble to fixate on the jewellery and accessories that should be the true stars of the campaign.

The reality is that both are worthy of your attention: the tusk necklaces that hang across Dree Hemingway‘s bare breats, the brass and silver-plated snake rings that slither around her fingers, the Witchcraft-inspired crystal baubles and the Wiccan, pagan and alchemical symbols. And Dree herself, as photographed by Stacey Mark.

The mix of inspirations is, as always with the brand, vast and revelatory; a managed chaos of everything from ’60s cults and communes to ’70s rock’n’roll, the battle of hedonism vs spirituality to the opposing force of Apollo and Dionysus.

Titled Modern Utopians, it’s a collection guaranteed to satisfy the brand’s cult-like following of clientele. Indulge in the full campaign of Dree Hemingway for ManiaMania (themaniamania.com) at the gallery above.