Heavenly statement jewels from Heaven Tanudiredja

Elaborate is certainly a word you might use to describe Heaven Tanudiredja’s jewellery pieces; though they’re not elaborate in the way that perhaps most jewellery is. His is a mix of soft classicism and hard futurism, traditional shapes and avant guarde details. Indonesian born but established as a label in Belgium, Heaven Tanudiredja is known for creating statements. For the fall 2012 season pieces are beaded and spiked in ways that call to mind decorative armour – you’ll even notice the odd Maltese cross shape working its way into necklaces and bibs – but the colour palette is decidedly modern. Other black and gold pieces have a techno-futurism that could easily be based in the Art Deco movement. All, as you’ll see from the collection’s look book, are impressive.

Click on the gallery above to view more of Heaven Tanudiredja‘s striking fall 2012 offering.