How to wear a summer scarf

Summer isn’t necessarily conducive to wearing a scarf; the excessive heat and humidity naturally tells the brain that there are better things to wear. Or, as it actually is, not to wear. But that doesn’t mean that the summer scarf isn’t a men’s staple. The question is, however, how best to wear it?

summer scarf mens

Thankfully, at the peak of the summer season for our Northern readers, Ralph Lauren Rugby have given their take on four ways to wear the men’s summer scarf.

  1. If you’re working with an ultra-thin fabric or a bandanna, why not roll it into a neckerchief and tie it in the front, Hemingway style. (top left)
  2. The longer the scarf, the easier to throw it over your shoulder in this basic loop. (top right)
  3. Unlike chunky winter-wool counterparts, summer-weight scarves can wrap multiple times around your neck, without swallowing your head in the process. (bottom left)
  4. To add even more personality or a stylish accent, you can layer up two scarves. Keep in mind that there should be a subtle contrast in color or pattern, as this allows the complementary fabrics to stand out. (bottom right)
The scarf that Ralph Lauren Rugby have used in this how to is from their Key West-inspired summer collection.


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