Imco Super Lighter

Reaching into one of my pockets of an evening out on the town and you’ll find gold Dunhill lighter, and yet I don’t smoke. Fuzzy the logic may be, but I feel somewhat obliged to carry one should my choice of companionship for the evening be a smoker, social or otherwise. And as nice as the Dunhill’s classic lines are for the evening where I opt for silver cufflinks instead, the Imco Super Lighter may just be its replacement.

imco super lighter

Made of stainless steel, “the IMCO super Lighter has cemented itself as one of the worlds most iconic lighters, carried by soldiers, explorers and gentlemen alike. Founded in 1907 in Austria, IMCO has been making lighters since 1918 – second only to the US brand Ronson.” A black oxidized Ronson lighter was James Bond’s choice, though the Art Deco lines to the Imco gives it a greater appeal for the owner who is a smoker or otherwise.

The Imco Super Lighter is available for US$9 from Woodlands Shop.


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