It bags to it moments: ladies who lunch

A woman is like a phoenix; powerful, strong and possessing an air of mystery. Therefore, if a woman is a bird then her accessories are her wings. These ‘wingccessories’ help her to fly into a life she wants, desires, and deserves. Making a statement as she glides through life, it is one piece in particular that makes her image complete. The Handbag. It can be a tote for day, a clutch for after-dark-cocktails, a satchel for her preppy moments or an over-sized Birkin for those all important lunch meetings.

Throughout the years we have seen the ‘bag’ evolve from strength to strength. Giving each woman an identity, it becomes part of not just your look but who you are. We have seen the catwalk trends and labels which ooze chicness and offer a palette of choice. Clutches are used for dawn and weekenders are used for dusk. Letting you be your own brand; individuality is key…

Let’s take the ‘ladies who lunch’ persona, as perfectly captured in this shoot for Interview magazine starring model Kelsey Van Mook: rendezvous in enigmatic locations with seductive eyes and an armful of candy-lush luxury. Textures, clasps, colours and fabric make a piece what it is and what it stands for. There is no longer an ‘it’ bag, but instead your ‘it’ moment. This female is fearless and strong like the phoenix.

kelsey van mook interview

Click the thumbnails for full pictures:
Kelsey Van Mook: Interview, April 2011
Kelsey Van Mook: Interview, April 2011
Kelsey Van Mook: Interview, April 2011
Kelsey Van Mook: Interview, April 2011

From Interview. Click on the gallery below to view more of a photo series that inspires your handbag choices.

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