Karl by Karl Lagerfeld launches

It’s been a huge week for Karl Lagerfeld.

Just after Chanel’s Haute Couture spring 2012 runway show took the audience on a jet-lag-free flight, the master launched his very first independent collection for online luxury boutique, NET-A-PORTER.

And so successful was the launch of KARL by Karl Lagerfeld, that within minutes of its worldwide exposé over a dozen pieces were tagged with a ‘more sizes coming soon’ by-line.

For almost three decades, Karl Lagerfeld has proven to be sincerely loyal and aesthetically devoted to Chanel and its creative team. But with this collection, Lagerfeld got the opportunity to place his personal vision and design ideologies on a virtual plate for the world to see.

When you look at the 70-piece collection, it’s almost like looking at a youth collection for Chanel. Imagine the mother of the house wearing a pearly white tweed suit by Chanel and then picture her daughter wearing metallic leather skirt with a biker jacket and cutaway leather gloves from the KARL by Karl Lagerfeld’s collection. It’s a perfect match!

The palette of this technologically driven collection is speeding up the monochromatic highway with punctures of glittery silver and pastel pink. There’s no collision or confusion in the colours or prints, but the fabric sheet has voted to be on the opposing team with shiny leather, metallic silk, crepe-cotton and sequined fabrics copiously seen in the collection.

As for the designs, Lagerfeld has stayed true to his personal style and given his fans a taste of rockabilly-glamour – high-waisted skirts with slits, tuxedo-style blouses and biker jackets. The silhouette is exactly what you’d expect Lagerfeld to deliver – tailored, angular and extremely willowy, to say the least. Even the abundance of leather in the collection hasn’t gone unnoticed. Part of this online-exclusive is a range of detachable collars, tote bags, sneakers, wedge heels, gladiators and pumps. Some pieces even have Lagerfeld’s presence emblazoned all over them with a silhouette imprint of the designer’s ponytailed self.

Just this week, KARL unveiled in simultaneous five-city launch, namely New York, London, Paris, Berlin and Sydney via a window-shopping pop-up store experience. While net-a-porter’s social media team huddled their Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr pages with live updates from the launch, the virtual shopping trolley boiled with clothes that impersonated Karl Lagerfeld at his best.

Barring a few pieces that are ‘sold out’, be sure to check out KARL by Karl Lagerfeld’s accessible line on net-a-porter.com and grab the signature fingerless leather gloves.

You can also view more pictures of the collection at the gallery above.