Loup Charmant: ancient memories & exotic appeal

“Like an ancient memory of a world we once knew…”

Loup Charmant’s spring 2012 look book has an appeal both ancient and exotic. It conjures up the scent of palm leaves and sand and the humidity of balmy summer nights away from home. The brand’s own description says it best in the quote above – an ancient memory of a world we once knew.

Loup Charmant’s specialty is organic cotton, from easy tiered dresses to lingerie pieces that grace the body with an elegant simplicity. Spring 2012’s colour palette could be earth and water, a harmony with nature that the label keeps at its core.

Pieces that transcend seasons and trends, Loup Charmant is a brand I’m pleased to have stubbled upon (unfortunately I can’t remember where on the vast expanse of the internet I came across them, apologies to whoever I should be tipping my hat to right now).

You can view all of Loup Charmant’s (loupcharmant.com) spring / summer 2012 collection by clicking on the thumbnails.