Given she has Rachel Zoe as a stylist, you would think that Mischa Barton would know better, but this is one Hollywood starlet who doesn’t know when to quit.

Mischa’s most recent foray into high-waisted pant fashion trend (read below, there have been others) was another train wreck: you’d rather not look, but you simply can’t help yourself. An unflattering camel-toe at front (either flash your privates, or don’t Mischa!) should be enough, but it seems that Mischa didn’t check our her rear either.

Mischa Barton in high-waisted pants showing camel-toe

The saddest part of this is that Mischa can hardly be accused of having a bad figure. She’s got a hot body, but as we’ve said before: be careful with high waisted pants and jeans. Even the best of figures can be made to look horrible in them, and the larger the hips and thighs the worse they are going to look.

Mischa is yet to learn this, and hasn’t quite worked out how to dress herself in the most flattering of lights. Take the last time Barton wore high waisted pants, it was potentially the most horrible celebrity look we’ve seen in recent times. But at least she wasn’t showing the world some camel-toe action.

Do you like the look, or think Mischa should leave the high-waisted denim at home? Vote on Mischa’s outfit and leave a comment to have your say. We’re tipping that this look will get voted down fast.

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