Night skies and evening dresses: Georges Hobeika

Seductive, sensual, eye-catching, elegant: Georges Hobeika makes gowns that are inherently feminine. For any fan of eveningwear his fall 2012 collection will no doubt be the visual equivalent of catnip. There’s a colour palette that boldly spans classic black through turquoise and coral red. There are dress slits that seduce with a peep-show of leg, lace bodices that both cover and reveal, and sparkling details that trail across dresses like comet tails across a night sky. Sometimes, despite Hobeika’s couture craftsmanship, the simplest of pieces are the best; but each brings with it a level of detail that would stand out on any red carpet.

To indulge in the full Georges Hobeika fall / winter 2012 collection look book, click on the gallery above.