Pop Art pops up again, this time on your skirt

It’s a little hard at times to distinguish the line between the current fascination with comics, and the revived interest in Pop Art. That’s because the two things are themselves intertwined, so any hope of determining one’s influence on the other, in how they play out on the fashion scene at least, is futile. What we do know is that both are popping up (pardon the pun) in droves: from the Marvel-inspired collection at Romance Was Born, timed as The Avengers flew onto cinema screens globally, to Prada’s Pop Art campaigns.

Lichtenstein is the most obvious place in which the two things collide. His brand of American Pop Art is synonymous with comic strips, and it’s his influence that impacts the latest collection to put Pop Art on clothing: the autumn / winter 2012 collection from Karla Spetic.

Spetic’s collection sees comic strip prints take to everything from t-shirts to skirts.

When it’s not dabbling in Lichtenstein space, Spetic’s autumn collection offers up a palette of bright red and yellow, leopard print, and block black. Her sheer skirts are particularly inviting for their crisp full shapes.

View the Karla Spetic collection look book in full by clicking on the thumbnails above.