Recycled wood you can wear

Fashion designers treat their inspiration boards like a playground. Everyone and everything is welcome for a short duration of time. The crazier an idea, the better it is for their thriving careers and consumer market. Especially when young designers are concerned. It’s almost a prerequisite to have a fresh perspective on everything – even making a wandering cloud in the sky look like a poetic form of art.

Such was the case for a fashion student from Kingston University in London. When an architecture student left behind diamond-shaped wood chips on the floor, an aftermath of his project work, Stefanie Nieuwenhuys entered the room only to find inspiration for a sustainable collection. Her inspiration from the floor ended up on a garment. What was rubbish for one, resulted to be a creative business idea for another.

Those wooden pieces reminded Nieuwenhuys of a “second-hand snakeskin bag” she once owned. Thus resulted in the production of this collection made entirely of discarded plywood.

recycled wood fashion

Click the thumbnails for full pictures:
Stefanie Nieuwenhuys Collection
Stefanie Nieuwenhuys Collection
Stefanie Nieuwenhuys Collection
Stefanie Nieuwenhuys Collection
Stefanie Nieuwenhuys Collection
Stefanie Nieuwenhuys Collection
Stefanie Nieuwenhuys Collection

In the press statement, she says, “The collection, comprised of recycled plywood, is both sustainable and durable: pieces that speak to both the fashion forward and the environmentally conscious”.

These laser-cut pieces have been layered onto fabric to give the illusion of reptilian scales. Corsets, evening dresses and trousers are included in the collection. The absence of artificial colouring or over-the-top styling gives it a raw and honest aesthetic: the kind Nieuwenhuys intended on achieving.

This brilliant example of flawless craftsmanship must be given a closer look. Click on the gallery above to view the images.

Via Ecouterre.

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