Snowmen, gingerbread and Vikings at Chip Chop

Patriotism, or cultural homage? If you’re not familiar with Chip Chop as a brand, you’d be forgiven for mistaking their latest collection for the former. Titled Nordic But Nice it’s a blend of the minimalist Scandinavian Design aesthetic and the label’s own trademark quirk. But despite slogans like “Team Stockholm” and “Team Copenhagen” it’s the pieces emblazoned with “I Wish I Was Swedish” that give it away: Chip Chop’s collection is an homage to Scandinavia created from afar.

Very afar, if you consider the brand is Australian, based in Melbourne. But that’s no barrier to channeling all the cultural icons the world knows and loves from the Nordic lands: snowmen, gingerbread and Vikings work their way into the whimsical mix for Chip Chop’s autumn / winter 2012 collection. Slogans and wintery prints aside, there are still plenty of cute pieces for the shopper who doesn’t wish they were Swedish, like capes and easy throw-on striped cotton dresses.

Frankly, though, who doesn’t love snowmen, Vikings and gingerbread?

A collection to be embraced if you like a little bit of pop cultural whimsy, you can view all of Chip Chop’s autumn offering at the gallery above.