Strict appeal: McQ by Alexander McQueen

There’s volume in McQ fall 2012, but it’s always kept at bay with strict waist cinching. And we mean always. It’s become part of the McQ aesthetic, that strict femininity that at once hides yet celebrates the female form, here in skirt lengths that dust the knees and coats that border on military heaviness. Such cuts could lose their appeal but keeping the waist the tight focus ensures that never happens.

The lace-up boots, chain detail on belts, leather gloves and double leather cuffs take shapes that could be a little Victorian and turn them into something decidedly tough. Tartan pieces – especially the shorter hemmed ones – lace blouses and kaleidoscope prints win the prize for youthfulness over the more mature full-volume dresses and structured coats.

Striking that balance between what the house is known for an a more everyday saleability, McQ’s fall 2012 can be viewed in full at the gallery above.