Sylvio Giardina’s new aesthetic

“A new aesthetics, free from preconceptions and conventional schemes and clichés…”

Following the invention of a new femininity signified by the talented designer Sylvio Giardina, we may reveal a fashion concept based on unique individuality preferences. The signature focuses on the praise and expression of sculptural implementations on the silhouettes. Giardina’s new collection for fall 2012 exposes an incessant fluidity of the garment structure that creates an exceptional relationship between fabric and form, embracing and enveloping the body. By observing the witty contours and volumes of each costume we are prone to discover a secret path of an outstanding elegance. This unlimited cycle commences at the top of the neck moving smoothly to the waistline accomplished in the hem of the dress.

The collection comprises a distinguished classiness of winter colors framed between a palette of night blue to dark brown that cunningly connects black, dove grey and moss green. This sophisticated selection of hues is captivated in the classic fabrics of tweed, cashmere, flannel, wool jersey and organza. The accent of the nudity in the collection is expressed with feminine finesse and subtle utterance. The collection highlights the fashion identity of Sylvio Giardina merging Italian haute couture roots with futuristic influences of ultramodern art and lifestyle.

View the full fall 2012 collection from Sylvio Giardina at the gallery above.