When the Christmas fever starts pulsing together with the shopping gift chase, the rescue plan of the curated wardrobe should be the most prominent idea in our minds. While searching for a gift in the area of clothing and accessories for woman, there is always a doubt whether we will satisfy the taste of the female that we want to endow. Alternatively, for practical reasons, we are not sure if we could find the right sizing, style or color combinations.

Let’s think about a perfect gift for women: it should be unique, original and – what is the most essential – wearable by the particular person. A silk scarf is the item that could meet all the requirements. What is more, women love scarves because of the delicate sylph surface that bundles around the neck and the chic appearance on the silhouette. A scarf is the attribute of elegance and individuality for women. Numerous modifications of scarf bonding provide room for expressions in style, mood and taste as well. Among those values there is one more, often forgotten notion especially nowadays – the quality of the product. The quality of the silk scarf is the prior value to the shopping code particularly for a Christmas gift. The item that would definitely rise to a successful shopping challenge is the trademark silk scarf from Forget Me Not. From the brand’s fall 2012 collection comes this style, a scarf with imaginative graphic prints of an owl and adaptable palette of grey, earthy brown and black gives a versatile and smart touch to every look.

The specialty of Forget Me Not is its unique concept – a synergy of fashion and art through the hand made drawings that are later implemented as a print on the silk, cashmere and cotton fabric. The creative mind of Forget Me Not – Coco – is a fashion illustrator and graphic artist who joins the idea of art made digital prints on the fabrics. The complex process of the creation involves both craftsmanship and advanced printing technology. That is because all the graphic works and print designs featuring on the scarves are initially hand-drawn compositions by Coco. The use of hand drawing technique is a crucial point in design. Afterward, all the compositions are digitally printed on the fine quality fabrics of cotton, silk and cashmere in Como, Italy. This is very advanced process of digital printing technology resulting in great quality of the products and uniqueness. The scarves are produced in small quantities per design that gives around 100 pieces per style.

The collections of Forget Me Not are available in 10 countries from selected fashion and luxury stores including Barney’s, Colette, Harrods, Harvey Nichols and many more. You can also find them online.

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