The great exhibitionist and his private views: Ted Baker

Exhibitionism is very widely frowned upon in our society, and maybe rightly so, but this hasn’t stopped Ted Baker from basing his spring / summer 2012 collection on this idea. And thank God for that. Every piece is sharp, rich with prints, full of bright colours, and, as is expected from exhibitionism, truly is a middle finger raised to conformity.

In just over 20 years, Ted has turned attention to detail into an art, delighting us with “no ordinary” clothes and accessories, and laying the groundwork not only for a great brand, but also for a different way of life. Spring 2012 is an embodiment of this aim, as this collection is the most complete and the most fantastic to date, enabling us to dress “head to toe” in Ted’s cloak of non-conformity.

Womenswear is very inspired by “flower power” as English roses, peonies and cherry blossom in full bloom cover 50s dress shapes which celebrate the female form with their defined waists, full skirts and and cut away detailing. Butterflies and ladybugs appear on every piece from jacket to shorts so as to capture the spirit of spring. The floral theme continues with laser cur appliqué and intricate cutwork adding interest to dresses, tops and flirty shorts.

This leisure look is contrasted by the structured silhouettes of the formal dresses, which plays on a minimalist range of colours, enhancing the tailoring details that we have come to expect from Ted Baker.

Accessories embody successful women everywhere and their trepidant city lifestyle, as they are uniquely perfect to compliment a casual everyday look, a smart night out on the town or for the sophisticated office.

Equally great is Ted’s Menswear collection, which has everything of a self portrait as it captures every element of his personality: larger than life, bursting with vivid colours, details, and offering a bright and breezy take on riviera dressing. Ted Baker was never a slave to men’s fashion and this season’s timeless classics have proven him right once more. Chinos come in bright and earthy shades, and subtle prints cover shirts and polos. This is all a gentleman needs for his wardrobe, whether it be for an informal occasion as seen above, or a formal one, as the spring 2012 collection provides the best Ted Baker has to offer, from navy to light blue, concentrating on lustrous materials for those who want to get their shine on and take the office by storm.

As always, outerwear is themed around seafaring, golfing and boating, and will provide a touch of class to any outing.

This season will feat extremely well with big city’s youth as it gives a touch of unique to every outfit and will make anyone stand from the crowd, a goal pursued by many since the popularization of the “endless wardrobe”. It portrays youth and success and gives every tool to attain both, and show it.

Because after all, Ted’s always been the great exhibitionist.

View the full look book of the spring 2012 Ted Baker collection at the gallery above.