Despite the gazillions of boudoir brands that have popped up in recent years, Agent Provocateur have remained a constant fixture on the lace-and-latex lingerie landscape. Their continued success has less to do, though, with being one of the originals to blur the lines between mainstream and fetishist lingerie, and more to do with being consistent in their approach. It’s glamour: classic glamour, the type that never dates. There’s always a hint of Bettie Page peeping out from underneath every balconette bra, every lace-topped stocking.

For fall 2011 that unrepentant sexual glamour takes shape not just in the usual sheer lingerie sets, though they do appear; but even more so in an hourglass shaped dress with corset lacing down the length of the back, and a palazzo panted jumpsuit in sheer black fabric that screams ’40s siren.

agent provocateur fall 2011

To view more of Agent Provocateur’s autumn offering, click on the thumbnails above.

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