Wrangler’s moody hues

In the world of fashion, advertising tends to tell a story whereas look books are left to be so simplistic that only the clothes can be focussed on. For their autumn / winter 2011 look book Wrangler have stuck to the tried and true formula of a simplistic background but with the slightest of embellishments. Playing to the season, the look book avoids the crisp white background that is a trademark of this advertising medium, opting instead for dark hues meant to convey the colder atmosphere and darker days that autumn and winter bring with them.

Less different is the collection’s overall vibe. Like the spring / summer 2010 collection before it, Wrangler’s latest offering draws inspiration from the best of 1970s fashion. Updated for winter, Wrangler’s statement short-shorts are replaced for the season with their take on the return of women’s flares and bell bottoms. That same 70s infusion sees the likes of denim shirts and floral prints included elsewhere in the collection, though it’s the non-era specific pieces such as the mini-dress featured that the majority will find easiest to work into their wardrobes.

To see Wrangler‘s autumn 2011 look book in full, click on the thumbnails below.