We Are Handsome: a desirously enchanted world

We see and experience many things: there are those things that fall by the wayside, neither igniting nor inspiring us. And there are those things of supreme beauty and flawless design. Today I am going to talk about the latter of these two things. Today I will mention the occurrence of elongated elegance, of wisps of colour and texture. I will mention the undeniable presence of sexuality, of female royalty even.

The enchanting revelation of We Are Handsome’s latest swimwear is an admission to both the beauty of the female form, and the cloth that so masterfully wraps it. There is African animal print used to create distinction in each design. Each imprint having specific placement on the costume to fit to the curves and bends of the body. The colouring continues along this tribal line; earthy browns, fiery reds, sky blues and forest greens. The effect is captivating.

We continue to see how bold lines can create a framing effect on the human form. And we continue to see the perfect apposition between material and skin, as though the two are seamless and simply meet at a place; flow into one another, blend like skin on skin. With a certain air of superiority, an aforementioned royalty, this swimwear collection manages to harness all the priorities of sophistication, and leave an bewitching affect in its wake.

View the resort 2013 campaign from We Are Handsome (wearehandsome.com) by clicking on the thumbnails.