Without a doubt, military had its fair share of influences over the course of fashion history, dictating the trends all throughout its long-time existence that spans over decades. Amongst the styles that managed to successfully sustain an ongoing affair with the the fashionable menswear department, camo stands tall and still confident. Season after season, cool guys and men alike gave this timeless print a chance, betting on its unconventional character and powerful attitude. And who can honestly blame them?

Smartly infused in a man’s wardrobe, camo can easily lead to the most unexpected and bold combinations, but the key to achieving a flawless look equals playing upon subtlety and originality. Just like in any other case, moderation is fundamental. So ditch the thought of a HTT camo outfit, give up the old pair of three-quarter length cargo shorts and opt for something fresh and easy instead.

A great way to pull off this masculine army green print is to pair it against neutrals. Works like a charm, every single time. Here are 5 different ways to effortlessly infuse the camo print into your wardrobe this winter.

mens camo print clothing

Camouflage print trousers

Keeping things fresh and exciting in the off-duty department is made easy by a fine tailored pair of military-issue camouflage trousers. Mixing the classic American style with subtle British accents spotted especially in the cloth-lined pockets, this basic number can instantly become a go-to piece. Style it with leather boots and a sleek blazer for the ultimate effect.

mens camo pants
Beams Plus camouflage print trousers

Camo commuter bag

Keeping things simple yet exciting, working as a camo accent rather than a full statement, a commuter bag featuring the green print is the next best thing when it comes to smart accessories. Both useful and fashionable, this leather base bag would add a modern touch to any wardrobe, being easy and fun to style according to the latest men’s fashion trends.

camo bag
Want Les Essentiels De La Vie camo commuter bag

Camouflage pocket square

Camouflage can surprise and delight in the most unexpected ways. Pairing the tough military accents with a refined elegance, a camo pocket square equals a perfect match for the gentleman with an edge. The navy and tan silk patterned accessory is bold enough to add personality to an outfit, without ever feeling like too much.

mens camo pocket square
Fairfax camouflage pocket square

Suede boots with rubber camo sole

Boots and camo have always made for an irresistible combo, especially as they join forces to create one single unconventional, original and trendy number. The statement pair of chelsea boots featuring a medallion toe and a rubber camo dainite sole highly represents all that man could ever wish for in an accessory: effortless style, comfort and edginess.

mens camo sole shoe
Church’s Griston Boots

Camouflage sportshirt

Essential for sharp combinations and easy styling, a light camouflage sportshirt can basically be paired to anything else existing in a men’s wardrobe. Going great against denim, wool, leather and cotton, this versatile piece is key to those laid-back, but well put together outfits guys love. During winter, the camo shirt will turn the layering process into a stand out look.

men's camo print shirt
Hamilton Light Camouflage Sportshirt

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