Ana Locking accessories from a time capsule

Ana Locking’s fall 2012 collection imagines a time capsule, buried in 1922 and opened in 2012. This mythical capsule forms the basis of a collection that ties twenties fashion with the now, evident in the silhouettes of Locking’s clothing – but also in the accompanying accessories.

Shoes are moccasin style for both men and women; the heeled women’s versions with their leather tassles would fit well with a vision of school girl chic that’s rooted in the past but very relevant to the present. Men’s briefcases and women’s clutches are wound haphazardly with jute twine, replicating ‘rag paper packages’ of the 1920s. The latter have a rough femininity; the former would serve just as well as hardcase handbags for women as they would for men.

Thick-framed glasses and feather-capped bowlers make up the rest of Locking’s unisex accessories for the fall / winter 2012 season.

View the full Ana Locking shoes and accessories look book at the gallery above.