Architectural and yet free-spirited: Vera Xane proves it can be done

What do you get if you take the mathematically engineered beauty of architecture and infuse it with the spirit of ’70s rock? In a nutshell, jewellery by Vera Xane.

Vera Xane is designed by Australia’s Alex Smyth-Kirk. It’s not the first jewellery brand to immerse itself in nostalgic associations of the free-spirited 1960s and ’70s, nor will it be the last – but Smyth-Kirk brings her own unique take, plucking out the foundation stones of rock’n’roll and rearranging them into a new architecture of cleanly modern and geometric lines.

Vera Xane’s pieces are multi-dimensional, beautifully understated, devoid of showiness and bling. They’re also handmade and individually finished. You can imagine any piece in this collection working equally well against the featureless chic of modern minimalism as it would with the layered, deliberate chaos of bohemia.

For more of the autumn / winter collection from Vera Xane ( click on the gallery above.