Aubade lingerie carries on the French art of loving

Aubade – n. a morning love song.

One of Aubade’s claims to fame is that they started marketing lingerie as an item of pleasure, at a time when underwear was seen as functional. That was the 1960s, though Aubade’s history goes back much further than that, and since then the idea of lingerie for pleasure’s sake has become so ingrained we wouldn’t even question it. For Aubade the concept is also deeply tied to the brand’s birthplace: France. Whatever it is about the French way that so seduces and romances the rest of the world, we may not have a singular adjective to describe it, but it’s wound up in every fibre of every top tier French lingerie brand. It’s a kind of seductiveness that’s as effortless as it is glamorous.

Aubade’s fall 2012 look book, which stars Dutch beauty Dioni Tabbers, carries on the tradition of beautifully made pieces that retain their classicism while bending to meet current trends. High waists rejoice in the current love of all things vintage, an excuse for figure-flattering pieces that channel old world glamour. Lace is timeless in bodysuits, bras, even a bow-tie. Keeping visual cues of the brand’s heritage is the Parisian backdrop: iconic French canals and the looming spire of the Eiffel Tower are a constant reminder of Aubade’s catch-cry: French Art of Loving.

View the full look book of Aubade Lingerie fall 2012, starring Dioni Tabbers, at the gallery above.