If you’re into on-trend jewelry that wows, into adornments the stuff of fantasy, if the accessories of your dreams should look every little bit extraordinary, and the precious stones shaping them should hide beautiful stories, than what you need is to indulge in some of the gorgeous pieces signed by these cult jewellery labels. They’re all about cool, one-of-a-kind designs conceived with the modern woman in mind.

After the break, the 11 awesome jewellery labels you need to know about.

Torchlight Jewelry.

Inspired by mystics & vagabonds, Torchlight is a free spirited jewelry line that takes the magic in bohemian and translates it in beautiful accessory form. Moon pendant necklaces to precious headpieces build their oh-so-perfect jewellery offering:

Visit www.torchlightjewelry.com.

must know jewellery labels

Bahgsu Jewels.

If you have yet to stumble upon Bahgsu Jewels‘ magical designs, get ready to fall in love. With an aesthetic deeply entwined with a respect for wild and natural forces, their every piece is envisioned as a beautiful narrative:

Visit bahgsujewels.com.

must know jewellery labels

The 2 Bandits.

The 2 Bandits take from where the boho sentiments and Western styling collide, from where the Southwestern and North American influences merge with vintage elegance, to build an infallible formula – jewelry that’s glamorously free-spirited and exuberant:

Visit the2bandits.com.

must know jewellery labels

Luv AJ.

Creating the ever-desirable on the foundation set by a cool, modern aesthetic, Luv AJ does jewelry that’s both hard and soft, simple yet boho-inspired. Mid-finger rings, hand jewellery, and lashings of chains will make the label impossible to resist:

Visit www.luvaj.com.

must know jewellery labels

Vanessa Mooney.

And then there’s Vanessa Mooney, the brand that exist like “an eclectic muse that draws influence from a multitude of eras, revolutions and walks of life.” Making jewelry for the lovers, the label does handcrafted, intricate and ever-imaginative:

Visit www.vanessamooney.com.

must know jewellery brands maniamania


With moody and captivating designs described as “mystical adornment for modern times”, it’s no wonder ManiaMania is one of the most-talked about accessories labels. Check them out if you love your jewels with a story to tell, or symbolic meaning:

Visit www.themaniamania.com.

must know jewellery labels

Arrow Divine.

A jewellery and accessory label with an ode to the bohemian surf culture, Arrow Divine does endless summer in the guise of transseasonal pieces that you can just tell are born somewhere far away, near the beach:

Visit www.arrowdivine.com.

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Lili Claspe.

It takes about 5 seconds to fall hard for Lili Claspe‘s statement jewelry – the forever classics imbued in mysticism – and it doesn’t hurt that the ever beautiful collections are always matched to gorgeous imagery:

Visit www.liliclaspe.com.

must know jewellery labels

Flash Jewellery.

All about beautiful refinement with a rebellious attitude, Flash Jewellery is one of those labels doing statement that’s borderline couture. Bold, boyish yet playful, the aesthetic fits everyone in between the street-style darling and the savvy:

Visit www.flashculture.co.nz.

must know jewellery labels

Logan Hollowell Jewelry.

Laded with totem animals, constellations, precious stones and metals, and sacred numerology, Logan Hollowell’s fine jewellery is made with love and magic. Take a peek at the brand’s offering and expect to be turned into a believer:

Visit loganhollowell.com.

must know jewellery labels

Fernando Jorge.

Jewellery designer Fernando Jorge takes inspiration from the laidback attitude and effortless sensuality of home country Brazil to design his modern, timeless pieces. Imbued with sensuality, energy and movement, his precious designs will leave you in awe:

Visit fernandojorge.co.uk.

must know jewellery labels

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