Bettina Liano returns from the brink, brings denim classics with her

Having just been saved from administration by way of a strategic alliance with Apparel Group, it’s time for Bettina Liano to work at regaining confidence and keeping her place cemented in Australian fashion. Liano’s autumn / winter 2012 collection doesn’t take any gambles: if the brand is known for two things it’s sexy cuts and denim, and autumn’s look book plays to both.

The simple stand out here is a denim button-up skirt. 2012 loves all things in which sensuality levels can be adjusted at will, which is why pieces like this can take you from layering in spring in layering in autumn without skipping a beat.

Financial woes side-stepped for now, it’ll be interesting to see where Bettina Liano – who still maintains the role of Creative Director for her brand – will take things next. Playing it too safe might prove counter-productive.

View more of Bettina Liano‘s autumn 2012 collection at the gallery above.