It’s hard not to associate Valentines Day with lingerie. That’s because Valentine’s Day celebrates not just love, but the passionate side of love. The side that comes wrapped in silk and tied in a big red bow, the side that wants to give attention as much as receive it, to have no care for any time but the present moment. In other words, it’s not about relationships: it’s about romance. And more often than not, that means something physical.

For girls it’s a perfect excuse to buy some new sexy little nothings. For guys, it’s a chance to show a girl that he sees a side of her not everyone can see. Stocking a range of designers as well as their own, with one of the best selections of boudoir pieces out there, who could understand that better than London’s Coco de Mer?

In anticipation of February 14, and with the release of their new spring 2013 campaign, we spoke to Coco de Mer’s Brand and Design Manager, Luisa Loveday Rundle, about lingerie design, the meaning of Valentine’s Day, and how to buy the perfect gift.

Read on for the full interview.

Coco de Mer spring campaign

Luisa, what do you think Valentine’s Day is all about?
Valentine’s Day is a day to recognise the person in your life who makes your heart flutter. Whether a new crush, longstanding partner or husband, it’s about taking a moment of your time to think about them and do something special for them. So many of us live such hectic lives that it’s often difficult to dedicate the time to each other, for me Valentine’s Day is an excuse to actually do this, not because you have to (because it’s Valentine’s day) but because you want to!

When you design lingerie, is your thought process around what a girl likes to wear, what a guy likes to see, or both?
Honestly, I always have to consider the woman. She is most important to me. I am surrounded by women in my workplace, so it would be crazy if I was thinking only about the man. Generally men love confident women, and if she feels confident wearing one of Coco de Mer’s designs then he will love it too. The girls in our store all identify with the woman that the lingerie is intended for, even if a man is coming in to buy a gift, they will always ask what kind of things she likes.

What tips do you have for a guy looking to buy lingerie for a girl?
If you don’t know her exact bra size then go for something small, medium or large which may be a soft cup bra or babydoll.

Otherwise, if he is thinking about going for a sexier look, he should try an open cup bra, she may never have bought one of these for herself, but the chances are that she will love it!

Do you have any particular Coco de Mer favourite pieces that are perfect as Valentine’s Day gifts?
We have so many popular designs in our ‘classics’ selection of black lingerie, featuring bow bras and knickers, open bras and knickers etc. We also have a beautiful Valentine’s collection called Disciplina which features luxurious french leavers lace and glossy red PVC in the most perfect shade of red. We also have new Valentine’s edition of our new Spanking Knickers which were a huge hit at Christmas!

spanking knickers
Coco de Mer spanking knickers

What about gift ideas for guys wanting to buy something sexy that’s not lingerie?
At Coco de Mer we offer so much for those looking for quality, luxurious sexy gifts, I would recommend the ‘Luxury Gift Box for Women’ or a ticket to one of our upcoming Salons in the SS13 season.

For a girl looking to invest in something to wear on Valentine’s Day: what would you suggest for someone feminine and demure?
Anything from the Fleur of England ‘Rose’ collection is so feminine and romantic.

fleur of england lingerie
From Fleur of England’s Rose collection

What about for someone completely daring and undaunted?
The Coco de Mer Disciplina collection is a way of being daring and yet still feminine.

disciplina coco do mer
From Coco de Mer’s Disciplina collection

Thanks to Luisa and Coco de Mer for helping to get us into the Valentine’s Day spirit. You can check out the full Coco de Mer spring 2013 campaign by clicking on the gallery above.

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