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If the spring / summer 2013 fashion trends brought along a myriad of bold and beautiful colors, mixing them in unusual or unexpected combinations feels like a natural next step in a season keen on celebrating the liveliness and the brightness of nature coming alive. Rebellious and exciting, the teaming together of unexpected hues also stands for a unique take on this season’s colorful trends.

If you feel like trying out some bold new combinations of colour, indulge in a good dose of visual inspiration via these mood boards – featuring 8 awesome colour combinations – that we created just for you.

At the gallery:
1. Oxford blue & emerald green
2. Yellow and turquoise
3. Paris green and true blue
4. Scarlet and purple
5. Midnight blue and lilac
6. Bright orange and pink
7. Tangerine and peach
8. Mint and sea green

For more visual inspiration check out our Pinterest boards at pinterest.com/fashionising.

Image sources: click on the plus icon at the top left of each mood board for image sources, listed clockwise from left.

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