Love Burberry I do. Own one of their trench coats I do not.

Paradox? Not so much. Choice paralysis? Definitely.

You see, I always encounter something of a conundrum when I enter a Burberry boutique: I either am faced with too much choice or a spate of bad luck. So it is that Burberry offer me up so many variations of their trench coats that I exit their stores unsure of whether I want to invest in one that is traditionally or honey coloured. Then there’s the indecision I face about whether I want to purchase the leather epaulettes in a black or a brown leather. At the other end of the spectrum I face the misfortune of a 36/46″ chest being quite a popular size, thus on a recent trip across Europe, store-after-store were out of the Prorsum trench I just had to have. Pedantic? 100%. But I want a trench coat that can sit in my curated wardrobe for as long possible (read: before I get old and wobbly).

Burberry might have solved the problem and the paradox with the launch of their new Burberry Bespoke service.

burberry custom made trench coat

Luxury has changed. In recent times, luxury has become accessible and terms such as mass-luxury and massclusivity have popped up. As a result, those truly after luxury pieces have gone in search of the one-offs, and the desire for custom and bespoke pieces has dramatically increased. Many a bricks-and-mortar and online store has popped up to cater to the demand, but most of these have been created with the middle market in mind: the conversion of made-to-measure into a mass-luxury offering, if you will.

Seeing a rising demand for unique pieces and with a much in-demand product to offer, Burberry have responded to the market’s desire with the launch of Burberry Bespoke. While I’m sure you can extrapolate from the name, Burberry’s new bespoke service offers customers the chance to have a trench coat wholly custom-made and personalised for them.

It’ll see you design a trench coat personalised by way of 12 million different options. Personal indeed.

Head across to their website, select from men’s or women’s, and soon you’ll be on your way to designing your own personalised trench coat. To be certain, this will not suddenly grace you with the design talents of Christopher Bailey. What it will do, however, is see you design a trench coat personalised by way of 12 million different options. Personal indeed. Those options include everything from the length of the trench coat, to the styling and weight of the lining.

Once you’re done creating your own custom trench coat you’ll have the option of dispatching the design to Burberry‘s craftsmen in Castleford, England, after which it will be created from scratch specific to your selected measurements and other whims. And if, after being faced with 12 million different options, you’re still unsure, you can seek out the opinions of friends and peers by way of sharing your design.

Which is precisely what I did with the above design, sending it on to friends and loved ones with the subject ‘Christmas present idea for you’. Cheeky? Possibly. Hopeful? Always.

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