What is it about beautiful, printed lining that makes such a difference to our love of a jacket? You might say it’s the very fact that it’s not meant to be seen, that it’s like a little secret to be kept to yourself; or that it shows that no detail is left unattended, and that everyone else gets a hint of that fact when a sleeve gets rolled back or when you reach for your inside pocket.

Adding another level of intrigue to that hidden glory is the offering of customised suit lining. Sure it was always going to happen: upload a picture and get whatever print you want subtly working its way across the inside of your suit jacket.

Custom suit lining

The feature over at asuitthatfits.com is called ‘Load Your Lining’ and its available when you design your own suit online. It’s up to you what your suit lining picture is.

Just don’t be too cheeky, now.


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