Attaining the perfect tie dimple

For the chap who knows his seven fold from his five in hand, the pursuit of the perfect tie knot is akin to the Arthurian search for the Holy Grail – unrelenting, deeply personal and possibly done in order to outshine those around him if not to simply get him laid. Try as this sartorially inclined male might to twist and turn the silk of his ties, the perfect knot with the perfect dimple eludes him. Even if he does feel he’s achieved it, it is in fact little more than a mirage temporarily appearing before him in the mirror: its placement fleeting and within hours, if not moments, the perfect dimple will have succumbed to a combination of gravity, movement, and that bastard thing called reality and thus be perfect no more.

So what is the male for whom the dimple is desirous (and, to generalise, that should be all men who wear a tie and strive for perfection) to do?


dimple in tie

Yes, cheating isn’t nice. But let’s face facts: any guy will do it. We’ll lie, steal, beg but not borrow (we’re a possessive lot like that) in order to achieve our aims. And when it comes to achieving the perfect dimple on a tie knot there’s one trinket that I’ve recently had the pleasure of that makes the endeavour a whole lot easier.

The Dimple Clip is cheating. It’s the fake breasts of men’s neckwear. But it’s also the attainment of tie dimple perfection, no stitches or silicon required, so don’t judge me too harshly. Just like implants, the Dimple Clip hides beneath the surface, with only the results of its existence evident.

Here’s how it works:

  1. a chap ties his favourite silk around his neck

  2. he folds a dimple into the tie and inserts the M shaped Dimple Clip into the folds

  3. he slides the Dimple Clip upwards into the knot, tightens and adjusts

Hey presto. Perfect dimple.

The Dimple Clip is simple, small and elegant. So simple and small that we’re including it in’s 2011 Christmas gift guide. The perfect stocking filler and sure to please any chap who takes pleasure from his ties, the Dimple Clip is available from in packs of 1, 2 or 3. If you do venture over to the site please overlook its design: the product is way better than site’s layout implies.

dimple clip

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